Ornaments in July?

We love the holiday season around here, but you might be surprised to hear that the majority of our ornaments are made many months before our annual ornament drop in early November. 

While most people have moved on from the holiday season after New Years, we get right back into holiday mode January 2nd as we come up with fun new ornament ideas to begin working on. A shrimp, a pickle, how about a mackerel? When we’re coming up with ornament ideas nothing is off the table!

Last year we put out some mini palette ornaments and to our surprise many customers started using them as actual paint palettes! We started getting tagged in videos of people using our palette ornaments to paint beautiful artwork and it brought us so much joy to see. Of course that’s part of the fun in being a pottery business: we love seeing how you use our pieces! What a pleasure it is to see a photo in Instagram of someone’s beautiful tree adorned with several ornaments we have put out over the years. 


Be on the lookout for our annual ornament drop, it usually happens in early November, but of course our email subscribers are always notified first about drops, new products, and other exciting news so make sure you're signed up. And this Christmas as you’re hanging that little ceramic shrimp, gnome, or mackerel, keep in mind that we possibly created it in the middle of July, in between visits to the beach to look for driftwood brush handles of course! 

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