Hand-Carved Paint Palettes? - SUGARHOUSE CERAMIC CO.

Hand-Carved Paint Palettes?

When Natasha and I started Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. we fully expected to solely focus on mugs, bowls, and the many other forms that are commonly asso...

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Ornaments in July? - SUGARHOUSE CERAMIC CO.

Ornaments in July?

We love the holiday season around here, but you might be surprised to hear that the majority of our ornaments are made many months before our annua...

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No Friggin’ Repeats! - SUGARHOUSE CERAMIC CO.

No Friggin’ Repeats!

Lately, Natasha has been creating surface designs for our pieces that she’ll never do again. These pieces are “Limited Edition” in the truest sense...

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The Art of Slip Casting - SUGARHOUSE CERAMIC CO.

The Art of Slip Casting

When Natasha and I started our little ceramics business one of the first things we did was to buy a slab roller. We had decided that we would focu...

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dreams of pottery and spices - SUGARHOUSE CERAMIC CO.

dreams of pottery and spices

Six years ago we started Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. in a tiny prefab garage that we gradually transformed into our studio. I could say that Sugarhouse ...

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