dreams of pottery and spices

Six years ago we started Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. in a tiny prefab garage that we gradually transformed into our studio. I could say that Sugarhouse was born in that little space deep in the rural woods of Vermont, but truly the foundation of our business has always been dreams and ideas. But really doesn’t everything worth working toward start with a dream? 

We didn’t have much money, and neither of us knew much about business, but we did know that people were excited about our pottery and so we decided to go down the rabbit hole also known as starting a small business. There have been a ton of ups and downs, including a time when we nearly gave up on the dream of Sugarhouse, but something inside both of us was just too stubborn, too filled with hopes for something better, too unreasonable some might even say, to go down without a fight. Now here we are five years later supporting ourselves, two amazing employees, and two tiny dogs. We’re supporting ourselves with pottery, with art of all things and the rarity of this in the world is never lost on us. We are so grateful to be here, so grateful to all of our customers for helping us to make our dreams become a reality.
We decided that starting this journal would be a new way for us to connect with all of you. Something different from Instagram or other forms of social media. Here you will find what brings us joy in the world, what inspires us, and even an occasional peak into our creative process.
For the last few years the world of cooking has been a place that has brought me (Brett) so much joy, curiosity, and satisfaction. I was always afraid to cook, but then a meal subscription service provided me with some training wheels and I’ve never looked back. Now I have a spice cabinet that is overflowing (anyone ever heard of Urfa Biber? So good!) and I need another room in our house for all of the cookbooks I’m continually checking out from my local library (I currently have around 30!). I’d love to take you along on my journey in cooking as well as show you a behind-the-scene look into our home and studio.

Welcome to the Sugarhouse Journal.


Hi Jennifer!
Thank you so much for all of your kind words, we always enjoy hearing such feedback! No I have never dined at The Lost Kitchen, but coincidentally I just checked out their cookbook from the library and it’s wonderful. I have also seen an episode of their show on The Magnolia Network, such a talented team they have at that restaurant. Good luck with the sending of your postcard, fingers crossed!
Brett of Sugarhouse

Brett Bashaw April 10, 2023

Received my order this past week and I’m quite happy!!! I love your shop and will surely be ordering more in the future!! I read that you started in Vermont – where may I ask. I went to university there and loved it. I live in Quebec now and love that too…lol..:-). I really enjoyed your back story on how you came to be the business that you are today. When you mentioned cooking and how much you enjoy it, it made me think of this wonderful little restaurant in Maine called The Lost Kitchen. Have you been lucky enough to have been chosen to dine there? I’ll be sending in my post card this week with the hopes of having my name picked.. :-). Thank you and looking forward to reading more of your journaling!! Jennifer

Jennifer April 10, 2023

I love this idea! I think I know the backstory wel l- and there’s always something new I learn from your sharing. You both rock!

Mom April 02, 2023

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