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September 5 to October 10 - 6 weeks

Thursdays 5:30-8:30pm

This Introduction to Hand-Building Pottery Class is for beginners who are interested in learning how to make pottery by hand (without a wheel). Students will learn the basics of hand-building, and by the end of the class be able to make a variety of vessels and forms, as well as being introduced to the making and use of sprig molds & basic glazing practices.

Week 1: September 5th- Studio tour, slab-cylinder demo, rolling slabs, introduction to clay joining, smoothing & attachment methods, creating simple forms.

Week 2: September 12th- Handle-making & attaching demo, continuation of simple form construction, making cylinders, handle making attaching demo, sprig mold sculptured piece demo.

Week 3: September 19th - Sprig mold use with attachment demo, making plaster sprig molds with student items, practice using sprig molds.

Week 4: September 26 - Attaching sprig moulded sculptures to hand-built pieces, completion of all leather-hard pieces.

Week 5: October 3 - Ornament making demo and work time. Introduction to preparing bisqueware for waxing and glazing.

Week 6: October 10 - Glazing of completed bisqueware pieces.

Students can pick up completed work after final kiln firings during our regular business hours. (Thursday through Saturday 12-5).



What should I wear?

You can wear anything you like that's comfy or fancy, your call. If you're worried about getting your clothes dirty, feel free to bring an apron but clay is easily washable.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

Come with a good attitude and maybe a notebook & something to write with if you're a note-taker.

Is there an age requirement?

This class is intended for independent adults. Anyone over the age of 14 is welcome.

Is your teaching space accessible?

It is! There is a handicap button at the front entrance door and a ramp to the elevator which takes you right down to our studio in the basement. We're happy to make any accommodations that you may need, and we also have a wheelchair accessible restroom in the building.

What happens if I am unable to attend one of the classes in the session?

Please choose your class sessions with care. We are unable to offer refunds for non-attendance, as we carefully purchase supplies, and plan ahead for classes to proceed with an exact number of enrolled students.


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Did you see this?