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Designed in partnership with sculptor and artist Amber West, each of these lady vessels were hand carved just for you! A slim little lady with a sweet little tummy for your most special sprigs or detail brushes (Lady Vessel no.1), a tall lady with smaller top and a cute little tummy pooch for your longer brushes, pencils, or blossoms (Lady Vessel no.2), and a shorter gorgeous full-figured lady with a lovely full chest and soft round tummy (Lady Vessel no.3). These Lady Vessels are made to celebrate the beautiful bodies we have and love, and want to see represented more in mainstream art & culture. Let’s give those gorgeous plus sized ladies and beautiful ladies with tummies a place in the spotlight, shall we?

Each lady is slipcast in a handmade mold from the original and then carved to perfection in our studio. Then fired, stamped, dipped in speckled matte white glaze and put into the kiln for their final firing.

As a collaborator and designer on this project Amber West gets a portion of sales, so you can support two independent artists at once. Amber works in the Sugarhouse studio and has her own art practice as well. This is our first collaboration with her and we're so excited about how lovely the collection came together.

Each piece is unique and handmade by the Sugarhouse Ceramic Co. team and comes hand-stamped with our potter's mark. All glazes are food safe and lead-free as always, actual item may differ very slightly from photo. Lady Vessel no.1 - approximately 4.5” x 1”, Lady Vessel no.2 - approximately 5.5” x 2", Lady Vessel no.3 - approximately 3.5” x 3”.

Did you see this?

Did you see this?